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This is the main monster from the 2007 movie, Supergator. The Supergator is a Deinosuchus that got recreated in a secret bioengineering research center in Hawaii. It was recreated when bioengineering scientist extract DNA from the jawbone of a Deinosuchus and use an egg of a modern day alligator so it can be studied for effects of genetic evolution.


The Supergator was recreated in a secret laboratory, to be be studied for genetic evolution. However, it grew too large for its pen cage and became resistant to tranquilizers, making it able to escape into a jungle. The Supergator prowls through the jungle looking for prey. While the Supergator is on the loose, one of the scientist, Kim Taft, tracks it down.


  • Sharp Serrated Teeth: The Supergator has sharp teeth that allow it to bite and tear the flesh of its prey.
  • Swimming: The Supergator can swim through water faster than a modern alligator.


  • Wendy: Pulled into the water and killed (off-screen).
  • Rob: Gets eaten by the Supergator when trying to swim away (off-screen).
  • Photographer: Body gets bitten and gets carried into the water.
  • Gigi: Eaten alive (off-screen).
  • Teenage Girl #1: Eaten alive.
  • Teenage Girl #2: Eaten alive.
  • Jack: Head bitten off.
  • Shaun: Eaten alive (off-screen).
  • Lorissa: Eaten alive (off-screen).
  • Fat Teenage Boy: Eaten alive (off-screen).