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The main monster from the 2008 TV movie, Ogre.


During the 1800s, an isolated village in the woods is suffering from a plague. Having enough, the villagers have a Magi cast a spell that will solve their problem. However, the consequences of the spell is that all of their sickness and disease got manifested into an Ogre from the quarantine room in the woods. Now every winter solstice, the villagers have to sacrifice one of their own with a brand symbol on the palm of their hand to the Ogre. Whenever the Ogre is not active, it stays at rest in the quarantine room. After many years, four youths have heard about the town being lost in time and they try to find it. When two of them find the door of the quarantine room in the woods, one of them, Terry, opens it. Upon opening it, the Ogre awakens prematurely. The Ogre immediately grabs Terry and pulls him in to devour. After it gets out, the other youth, Leah, runs away. 


  • Quarantined People: Killed and devoured in the quarantine room in the woods when the Ogre first manifests (off-screen).
  • Male Villager: Acts as a sacrifice where he was shackled to a cross. The Ogre pulls him off the cross, leaving behind his torn-off arm still shackled to the cross.
  • Terry: Pulled into the quarantine room and eaten alive, leaving behind a bitten-off leg.


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