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The Main monster from the 1999 TV Movie, Monster!, where it was a fictional monster from a movie until it came to life.


The Monster was a fictional movie monster from the days of Black-And-White films, where is appeared in six sequels. It portrayed an alien monster who crashed at a quarry in a meteorite. In each of the fictional movies, The Monster would kill off the residents until a hero kid would destroy it. While The Monster was fictional, a curse that was set on the town where the movies were made gave the creature life every three years. Wanting to become real, it tries to kill off the residents in the real world so it can escape the movies. The curse made people who witnessed the beast to forget about it and that the ones that The Monster killed ceased to exist. Only one man named Lloyd Reeves, who starred in the monster movies, knew what was really going on, since he was the hero of the movies, and he ended up killing the monster every time it reappears every three years. The Monster cannot be killed the same way, so Lloyd has to come up with different ways to kill it. After many years, Lloyd has gotten old, so now he must pass the responsibility to his grandson, Travis. One night, when The Monster shows itself in town during the time when it's movies were being shown in the Theaters, Travis and Lloyd approach it with a big piece of meat with a bomb inside. Once Lloyd fed the meat to The Monster, they get away and detonate the bomb, destroying it. However, The Monster regenerates and escapes to it's lair underneath the town's plant. The characters hunt for The Monster there, but the creature ambushes them. After a struggle, Travis and The Monster end up on a platform over a vat of liquid nitrogen. Travis manages to grab a nearby chain and swing over to the other platform. He then shoots at the chains that was holding the platform that The Monster was on, and the creatures falls into the vat. As the characters walk away, The Monster emerges from the liquid nitrogen, weakened from being frozen. The characters kept on shooting at The Monster until it shatters to pieces, killing it for now. When the authorities arrive, Lloyd tells them to melt the remains down and dispose of them in the Artic to permanently kill it. However, elsewhere in a lake, one of The Monster's tentacles is seen submerging in the waters, leading us to believe that either The Monster will still return or that there is another Monster in town. 


  • Regeneration: The Monster can regenerate itself whenever it gets killed.  
  • Tentacles: The Monster has tentacles on it's body that it uses to capture it's prey.