The main monster from the Full Moon Entertainment movie, Shadowzone. John Doe is a parallel dimensional being who managed to crossover to the human dimension when researchers were experimenting with hyper sleep.


A group of NASA hyper-sleep researchers were conducting tests inside an abandoned underground facility with human subjects. Their research allowed them to tap into a parallel dimension by raising the ESP level of their human subjects. When a man named Captain Hickock came by to investigate the death of one of the subjects, the two scientists, Dr. Erhart and Dr. Van Fleet, show Hickock their research that ends up killing one of their two subjects. During the demonstration, they accidentally opened up a portal that brought forth an alien being, named John Doe. John Doe starts going around the underground facility, slaughtering anyone it encounters. Due to it’s presence, the facility underwent an automatic lockdown, isolating everyone inside. After killing off five people, John Doe soon found that he can’t survive the environment of the human dimension. In order to go back to its home dimension, it makes a deal with the last two survivors, Dr, Erhart and Hickock, by communicating through their computers. If they help him go back to his home dimension, the automatic lockdown will turn off and they’ll be able to leave the facility. By using the last human subject, a young woman, Dr. Erhart and Hickock were able to open up the portal and John Doe was able to go back to his own home dimension. However, Dr. Erhart, wanting to see the portal herself, takes a closer look at the portal by sticking a broke pipe into it and entering through it herself. When she comes back out, John Doe uses the broken pipe to stab her through the back. Hickock watches in shock as he finally sees John Doe’s true appearance. John Doe pulls the dead Dr. Erhart with him into his home dimension, then Hickock destroys the lab equipment to close the portal for good.


Shape-shifting: John Doe is able to tap into the thoughts of his victims and can change his form into whatever they were thinking.


  • Dr. Van Fleet: Killed when John Doe turned into a deformed carny based on his fear.(off-screen)
  • Mrs. Cutter: Killed when John Doe turned into a giant rat and bites her arm in the vents.(off-screen)
  • Dr. Kidwell: Killed when John Doe disguised himself as her lab monkey and mauled her to death as a monstrous version.(off-screen)
  • Tommy Shivers: Mauled to death.(off-screen)
  • Wiley: Pulled away from an elevator and killed.(off-screen)
  • Dr. Erhart: Stabbed in the back with a broken pipe and dragged into John Doe’s home dimension.
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