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The Carnivore is the main monster from the 2000 independent movie, Carnivore. The creature is a science experiment that was kept in a secret lab in an abandoned house.


Carnivore manages to escape when a scientist, who was looking after the creature, tries to give it an injection. The scientist gets killed by accidentally injecting himself as the creature escapes. However, the Carnivore cannot get out of the house as it got blinded by the sunlight. Late at night though, a group of teens enter the house and the Carnivore kills one of them. Cops and government agents get into the house to search for it. The cops get killed, so the government agents try to capture it. In the end, one of the agents shoots the monster multiple times until it starts to bleed profusely. However, the Carnivore shows some movement when they get out of the house. When they go back to claim the body, the Carnivore is gone, still alive.