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The main Monster from the 1981 B-Movie, Blood Beach. The Monster resembles a worm-like Venus Flytrap with a bright tan color.


The Beach Monster first kills a woman named Ruth when she was walking her dog, Piper. A harbor patrol officer named Harry Caulder heard her scream, so he reports it to two detectives. However, they can’t look into it since all Harry heard was her scream and nothing else. Ruth’s Daughter, Catherine, takes Piper in. However, during one night, Piper gets out of the house and goes up to the beach. He lays at the location where Ruth was sucked into the ground at until the Beach Monster creates a small sink hole, making Piper bark at it. When Catherine comes out to get Piper, she finds his body with the head bitten off. When the dog’s headless body was brought in to authorities, they found no evidence of what could’ve done this. Later, during sunny day on the beach, a teenage girl was letting her friends bury her body in the sand. However, the Beach Monster starts scratching at her legs with it’s teeth, making her scream. When her friends pulled her out, her legs are all bloodily scratched up. After getting news about this, the authorities try digging up around the beach to find what the cause it, but found nothing.


  • Ruth: Pulled into the sand.
  • Piper(dog): Head bitten off.(off-screen)