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The main monster from the 1997 movie, DNA, Balakai was an ancient alien creature that roamed the jungles of Borneo until it died and became fossilized. When its skeletal remains were found by a scientist, Balakai was reborn to be used as a weapon that the scientist can make a profit from.


The fossil of Balakai was discovered by a scientist named Dr. Carl Wessinger. After Wessinger gets the fund from the government for the research on it, he instead reanimate it. Wessinger plans on cloning Balakai and sell the clones to different governments in foreign countries. However, Balakai became hostile and gets loose into the jungle, where it kills any living thing it sees. After two years of trying to capture Balakai, Wessiner decides to call a sergeant named Reinhardt to help him. However, Balakai attacks the compound that it was being held at. When a doctor named Ash Mattley, who was given the mission to look for Wessinger when his connection to government was cut, came to the compound with a Native boy named Matzu and a CIA Agent named Claire Sommers, Balakai chases after them. Matzu gets lost while Ash and Claire find Wessinger and two scientist. After a few encounters from Balakai, Reinhardt arrives and holds Ash and Claire at gunpoint. Wessinger uses them as bait to lure Balakai. But when they manage to escape, and find Matzu, the compound explodes from the detonators that Reinhardt brought over, killing Wessinger and his crew. However, Balakai also escaped the compound and tries to kill Ash and his friends. After a struggle, Matzu ends up getting killed by Balakai. Upset, Ash and Claire takes him to his Native tribe, where Ash prepares to fight off Balakai. Later, Balakai returns and Ash fights it with some weapons. When th two end up on the top of a waterfall, Balakai lunges toward Ash, but Ash jumps off the waterfall and shoots an explosive in Balakai's mouth, destroying the creature for good.


  • Matzu's sister (off-screen):Brutally mauled to death and had her spine stick out of her back.
  • Boat man (off-screen): Found dead with back teared open in his boat on the river.
  • Native hunter: Punctured from the back through the chest by Balakai's arm.
  • Native man (off-screen): Found dead in the compound's pipelines.
  • Hatton (off-screen): Brutally mauled to death when Balakai approaches him.
  • Matzu: Slashed on the chest by Balakai's claws.


  • Thermal Vision: Balakai has thermal vision that can allow it to see that heat from living creatures
  • Invisibility: Balakai can turn itself invisible.


  • Balakai is an appropriation of the Yautjas from the Predator franchise and the Xenamorphs from Alien franchise for it's invisibility, thermal vision, and the overall design.
  • There are a few instances in the movie where Balakai is CGIed for scenes to make it seem more agile.